Blue Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator 250L / Day

This atmospheric water generator is widely used for home,office. Water Dispenser with function to produce water from the air, DOW RO system.

Hot & cold pure water output.

LCD display screen.

  • Item NO.: EA-250
  • Product Orgin: China
  • Working temperature:  15-38℃
  • Working humidity:  45-95%
  • Filtration and sterilization:  17 Stage
  • Storage capacity:  110 Liters
  • Compressor:  4.6KW
  • Fan Wattage:  400W

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Commercial atmospheric water generator EA-250

Water From Air, the best solution for new water source from air humidity, providing you high quality drinking water.

Product Detail

Volt 220/380V 250 L / day generated at 30℃- 80%RH
Frequency 60/50 Hz 17 stage filtration and sterilization
Compressor 24.6KW 110 Liters of storage capacity
Working temperature 15-38℃ LCD display screen
Working humidity 45-95% Ambient pure water output

Other information

Container Loading 6pcs/20ft ; 13pcs/40ft
Dimension 160x72x128 cm
Net Weight 320 KG
Gas R407c
Noise level <79DB

8-stage Filter process
This air water generator uses a 8-stage Filter process in order to create purified great tasting water from the air:

Main Benefits

1) To offer a sustainable access to safe drinking water
2) To operate in complete autonomy
3) To preserve the environment


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